FaceOff: next level interactive reaction challenge
Competitive Challenge

The perfect 1v1 battle with two unique challenges. Create a leaderboard and watch the competition commence as players battle to take the top spot.

Creates Social Buzz

Host FaceOff competitions to generate excitement and fuel social engagement. Place it in a prominent position and it's sure to be a true crowd pleaser!

Fun for All Ages

FaceOff is easy to move on a mobile stand and its quick start buttons make it super easy to use for all ages. With the option to play individually or against an opponent, it's ideal for parties, groups and corporate events.

Eye-Catching Centrepiece

With its flashing lights and exciting sounds, FaceOff will quickly become a focal point in your venue. Stand out from the crowd by customising the graphics panel with your logo and colours. 



  • 2 interactive game options: Speed and Reaction
  • Customisable graphics panels
  • Multi-player 1v1 battle mode
  • Dual scoreboard / timer display
  • On portable mobile stand with wheels
  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands
  • 2 x 5 multi-colour LED interactive light pods
  • Size: 1185 mm (H) x 1185 mm (W) x 60 mm (D) - 1665 mm (H) x 1200 mm (W) x 800 mm (D)
  • Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A

How to Buy

FaceOff is available for purchase directly from Rugged Interactive. Please contact us by phone on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 or by email: sales@rugged-interactive.co.uk to discuss your needs.

Graphic Design

Make FaceOff your own! Design your own graphics or send us a brief and our in-house designer will create something just for you. Match the design to your logo and branding to make this reaction wall a stand-out feature.



If you have any questions about FaceOff, please contact us on service@rugged-interactive.com.

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