Best Interactives For... Under 12's

For our second in the ‘Best For’ indoor adventure series, we’re focusing on a core market that many parks focus on – the Under 12s.

We all know that just bouncing is boring, and won’t engage this group for long. Under 12’s tend to be very energetic, very sociable, and love new physical and mental challenges. So, here are some features to captivate your younger guests and ensure they're having such a great time that they want to return again and again!

Top Pick – TrailBlazer Traverse







An interactive climbing challenge that will be become a hive of activity in your park. With easy-to-hold grips and exciting gameplay, the TrailBlazer is a high energy group activity for kids of all ages, working well for even the smallest 3-4 year olds, who just like pressing lights, up to age 12 who absolutely love competition! Guests can play individually or in groups, making it perfect for parties and team challenges.

The huge graphics area allows you to splash your branding over the wall, making it a feature piece in your park that everyone will want to play on!

Want to see the game in action? Click here to watch our video.

We also recommend…







Take your multi-sport pitch to the next level with our interactive soccer target system. Position targets within goal mouths and watch the fun unfold. PowrPlay works well with an air track floor, or as a penalty shoot-out set-up. 

PowrPlay develops coordination and communication, and is the perfect addition for team games and small sided competitions, or for younger kids who just love scoring goals! 

Want to see how much they love it? Click the button below to watch our video.








The gameified and shareable boomerang video system that kids can’t get enough of! We all know that most kids are selfie-mad. Well SelfieCam is simple - scan the QR code, strike a pose and watch it boomerang back at you on screen. Players o parents can then scan the code to download the clip, and share on social media. A great way to put your venue in front of a much wider audience, at almost no cost.

A fantastic marketing tool, but an even better game that guests will queue up for!








A versatile reaction challenge that can be installed within your soft-play area or above a trampoline bed for twice the fun. Customise your layout and backing graphics to make this a stand-out interactive challenge, either for groups of under 7’s or as an exciting reaction challenge for the 8-12’s. Great for individual, pair and small group activities. Find out more about SkyPods.

Younger guests will always be one of the easiest, and yet hardest to keep entertained in your park as they're always ready to move onto the next thing, so variety is key! Keep the U12s engaged and you've got a core market that will return again and again.

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