Sociable fitness for older adults of all abilities
The Challenge for Older Adults

Worldwide, 1 in 4 adults do not currently meet the global recommendations for physical activity set by WHO. How much more will older adults exercise if their activity feels less like a workout, and more like a sociable game or gentle cognitive challenge? Rugged Interactive fitness equipment aids and improves workouts for all ages, levels and abilities. Whether exercising alone, in groups or with a trainer/physio, our products are all about motivation, encouraging users to engage for longer and actually have fun in the process. 

Happier, Healthier and More Able

The CardioWall's lights and sounds engage even the most reticent of users. Exercise game programmes using the CardioWall can be tailored towards each individual, with intensity and duration easily altered to suit different levels of ability, fitness and mobility. Regular users quickly become more alert, flexible and physically confident. What’s more it’s highly sociable – just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a little gentle competition with friends! 

Memory Care

Regular exercise has been shown to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and to alleviate Parkinson’s. The CardioWalls have a range of game programs with clearly spoken instructions, including several designed specifically for users with cognitive and memory impairments. The easily-understood lights and sounds stimulate mental focus and physical movement in a way that few other types of equipment can offer.

Cognitive & Physical Training Combined

The CardioWall challenges both mental and physical function, making it extremely popular with older adults. Stimulating a wide range of movements, users will quickly see improvements in balance, hand-eye coordination, strength, flexibility and visual awareness, all of which impact their ability to live an active, falls-free and self-sufficient life.


Mind and body

Game play challenges users' physical and cognitive abilities.

Memory care

Specialised games challenge users' cognitive abilities in a fun way.

Engaging and motivational

Gameified technology motivates users to exercise more often and for longer.


In a communal setting, the CardioWall brings users together in a gently competitive way.

“The CardioWall Senior is a great innovation to work and stimulate both physical and cognitive areas. It's generated great interest, facilitating physical therapies as well as interrelation between users”

- Alexandra Torres - Programme Manager, Hoffmann Group

"The CardioWall has been a great motivation to be active, and believe me, I needed it!"

- Lucy - Resident, Inspired Villages

“I look for the lights and don't look for support, it's developing a part of the anatomy that used to work and isn't being worked at the moment - which is great for my balance and confidence.”

- Don - Resident, Inspired Villages

“The CardioWall has been a huge success in our day care centre. It contributes to physical therapy plans and is especially effective as a motivational tool. We have seen improved self-esteem, physical confidence and even social relationships between service users.” 

- Day Centre Manager, Hoffmann Group, Madrid

"The main reason for using it actually is reflexes to get your brain and your hands and the other parts of the anatomy to work. That applies to all the exercises that you do, I look for the lights and don’t look for support, it's developing a part of the anatomy that used to work and isn’t being worked at the moment."

- Resident, Inspired Villages Group

"Every CardioWall movement is relevant to everyday life. I tell them, "Do you realise you've just done 10 squats in 30 seconds?!" It pushes their heart rate higher than they've done for months."

- Leah Jackson, Wellness Navigator, Inspired Villages Group

"One of the main reasons for its success here is that it caters to every range of age and ability that we have here. I've noticed a massive improvement in hand-eye coordination of our residents."

- Leah Jackson, Wellness Navigator, Inspired Villages Group

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