Encourage physical activity and movement through fun
Fitness Through Fun

The CardioWall Compact Duo encourages movement and exercise through a range of fun and engaging programs. All the while, the unique programs work multiple muscle groups, improving coordination, strength and endurance.

Mentally Stimulating

The CardioWall games encourage the use of selective and sustained attention. Perfect for keeping reactions sharp and stimulating the user cognitively.

Easy to Use & Versatile

One touch 'QuickStart' programs for fast play. Clearly spoken instructions and simple games make the CardioWall easy to play and understand. Use with your hands or accessories to increase the difficulty.

Fully Inclusive

The CardioWall enables people of all ages and abilities to benefit from a full body workout. The Compact Duo can easily be used by people in wheelchairs and by groups of users at one time.

Competitive, Cognitive Challenge

The CardioWall gives users a score that they'll be encouraged to improve. Compete individually or in pairs on the CardioWall Compact Duos - great social activity for all to get involved.

Portable and Compact

Mount on a wall or keep it flexible with mobile stands to enable movement between rooms. Take up very little floor space: less than 100mm in depth when mounted to a wall!


Excite. Challenge. Measure.

  • Each Compact wall has 5 multi-colour bulletproof LED pods
  • Dual scoreboard / timer display
  • 5 core programs with over 100 user adjustable variations
  • Rugged lightpods - tested to 5 million hits
  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands
  • Tough moulded body and rebrandable graphic panels
  • Pairs with second CardioWall to enable 1 vs 1 Combat mode​
  • Size: 1185 mm (H) 1185 mm (W) x 60 mm (D)
  • Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A

How to Buy

The CardioWall Portrait is available for purchase directly from Rugged Interactive. For US enquiries, please contact Louis Altrui by phone on 631-478-3871 or by email: Louis.Altrui@rugged-interactive.com to discuss your needs.


For all other enquiries, please contact us by phone on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 or by email: sales@rugged-interactive.co.uk to discuss your needs.


Request your own bespoke graphic elements which boasts your logos and graphics. Choose from a range of standard designs or request your own. Click here to view more of our designs on our Flickr page.


Support and Brochure

Please see below for our Healthy Ageing brochure and installation manual for the CardioWall Compact Duo (models from February 2019).

Cardiowall Compact Install Manual Healthy Ageing Brochure
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