Frequently Asked Questions

‘We do! We design and manufacture all the Rugged Interactive products using the latest technology and high quality materials in our HQ in Bodmin, Cornwall, on the SW tip of the UK. That way we know that they leave in the best possible condition and with our seal of approval - having gone through a rigorous series of tests and checks. And we’re always here to advise on installation, design and troubleshooting - not a faceless answering service - give us a bell!

The LED pods are designed to be hit hard with soft weights. We recommend using weights up to 3kg. For heavier weights or medicine balls we advise ‘pressing’ rather than ‘hitting.’ Any accessory made of soft material can be used to hit the lights – including boxing gloves, balls, ViPR, rubber-coated medicine balls, etc. Shoes and hard-covered items are not recommended.

Our Rugged lightpods are tested to 5 million hits! So whether you're a trampoline park, gym or school - they'll stand up to a proper bashing. Lightpods have bulletproof glass to ensure that they can be hit hard with soft weights and other accessories.

Our products can be purchased directly from Rugged Interactive, or through one of our expert distribution partners across the world. To purchase direct, please get in touch with the team on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 and we’ll be delighted to talk it through, or email your query to: sales@rugged-interactive.co.uk. For certain products within the Active Fun and Youth & Education sector, we recommend that our products are purchased through one of our partners, who are skilled at planning, installing and supporting Rugged equipment. If you aren’t sure which partner to go with, or you’d prefer to discuss the products with us first, please get in touch with the team.

Our products comes with a full on-site parts-and-labour warranty, with 48-hour weekday response time to UK Mainland sites. We offer a 12-month warranty on the LED pods, customisable graphics panel (RGP), main PC hub, cables and power supply, and a 3-year warranty on the main body moulding. Any LED pods that need replacing will be supplied by us and fitted by you.

There is an option to enhance and extend the warranty for each product. Currently, software updates should be manually uploaded by an engineer. Contact us for more details.

The CardioWall itself is 1220 (W) x 55 (D) x 2125mm (H) for a Portrait model. We would suggest you have at least 100 mm of clear wall space around it. If you are going for two walls side-by-side, we suggest leaving a gap of at least 1500 mm and up to 3000 mm.

Yes, can you can purchase Rugged Interactive products if you're not a company. We can sell our products direct, or recommend one of our expert distribution partners. Just get in touch with one of the team on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 and we’ll be delighted to talk it through, or email your query to: sales@rugged-interactive.co.uk.

Yes! In 2017, we were contacted by the BBC team and asked if we would appear on Dragon's Den. Simon gave the pitch and 2 hours later, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones had said the all important sentence - "Im going to make you an offer".

We're always here to help! So if you require any assistance with installation, or need some product support, please contact our technical team. Email: service@rugged-interactive.co.uk. Tel: +44 1726 981 123

All three models (Standard, Ability and Sensory) have the same core games – Chaser, ClusterShot and ClearOut. The Standard model has a game called CardioBeat which is a version on the bleep test – unlimited time and you keep going until you can’t keep up with the wall. A test of fitness, accuracy and speed. For the Ability and Sensory models, CardioBeat is replaced by a feature called SoundBoard which is an interactive, multi-sound, non-competitve sound synthesiser. When a pod is hit, sounds such as animal noises, musical instruments, mechanical sounds etc, are played. Great for users with autism, brain injuries and dementia. The Sensory model differs slightly from the Ability model. The brightness and flashing of the lights are reduced to avoid any aggressive change in lighting/environment, and therefore this is specifically designed for sensory rooms only.

Yes, we certify our products as compliant with the CE, Low voltage and other relevant safety legislation, including EMC compliance.

The CardioWall is simple to install and is best bolted onto a block or solid wall. You can also mount it with screws onto a plywood sheet that has been fixed onto the wall. We do not recommend mounting to a stud wall / lightweight wall without a plywood sheet. The CardioWall can be installed by anyone with basic practical skills and basic understanding of electronics (note: static charge can impact the CardioWall’s HUB). For example, someone in a maintenance team should have no problem doing this.

Yes! For any product with a front graphic panel e.g. CardioWall, TrailBlazer, SelfieCam, you can have fully bespoke graphics with your organisation’s name, logo and branding colours. UV graphics are also available. Our designer can create artwork mock-ups for you to choose from.