Frequently Asked Questions

The LED pods are designed to be hit hard with soft weights. We recommend using weights up to 3kg. For heavier weights or medicine balls we advise ‘pressing’ rather than ‘hitting.’ Any accessory made of soft material can be used to hit the lights – including boxing gloves, balls, ViPR, rubber-coated medicine balls, etc. Shoes and hard-covered items are not recommended.

Our products comes with a full onsite parts-and-labour warranty, with 48-hour weekday response time to UK Mainland sites. This covers the LED pods and customisable graphics panel (RGP) (12-month warranty), main PC hub and power supply (1 year) and cabling and the main body moulding (3 years). Any LED pods that need replacing will be supplied by us and fitted by you.

There is an option to enhance and extend the warranty for each product. Currently, software updates should be manually uploaded by an engineer. Contact us for more details.

We would suggest you have at least 100 mm of clear wall space around it. If you are going for two walls side-by-side, we suggest leaving a gap of at least 1500 mm and up to 3000 mm.