You Purchase, We Plant

In March, you helped us plant 79 trees! Giving us a running total of 1285 glorious greens planted.

Rugged Interactive's Plant a Tree Scheme

We are going carbon negative with a little help from our friends. We launched our 'plant a tree' initiative in October 2021 with Plant One, a not-for-profit tree planting business that focuses on the threat of climate change, by taking direct action. Plant One are based in Cornwall, close to our Bodmin HQ - the perfect tree planting partner.

How Does it Work?

It's really quite simple: for every Rugged product purchased, we plant trees with Plant One. The bigger the product, the more trees we plant. It's one of the things we are doing to try to lower our carbon footprint.

Here's a snapshot:

  • One of our most popular products, the FreeStyle Duo produces an average of 108.5kg CO2 through it's manufacturing process
  • The average UK native broadleaf tree will sequester, on average, 10,000g2 of carbon per year throughout its 100yr lifespan
  • To offset our FreeStyle Duo production, we would need to plant 1 tree for every 9.22 FreeStyle Duos manufactured

We don't just want to offset, we want to be carbon negative. So we are planting more trees for less manufacturing, because being green is the new black!

Here's How You Can Get Involved

We've calculated the average CO2 produced by all of our products. From creation and delivery of parts, to manufacturing and packaging. Based on weight calculations, we've worked out how many trees we would need to plant to offset the CO2 created. We're on a mission to be carbon negative, so we're planting more trees than the CO2 we produce. *For full CO2 calculations per product and to read our report, see the links below.

Here's an example of the number of trees we plant per product purchased.

Thank you for helping us to be carbon negative and improve the biodiversity of Cornwall. One day, there will be a forest that you helped us to create. Watch this space...

About Plant One

Plant One are based in Cornwall, an hour from our Bodmin factory where all our products are made. Cornwall has the lowest tree cover in the UK, and the UK is well behind Europe for canopy cover. Plant One's mission is to restore Cornwall's biodiversity habitat for native fauna and create a nature-focused challenge to the global climate threats we face.

Which trees are planted?

The trees that they plant increase tree diversity and hedge cover in Cornwall. All trees planted are native to the UK. This includes Willow, Elder, Wild Cherry, Sycamore and Atlantic Oakwood. All trees are planted in November to give them the best chance of survival. Team Rugged attend planting day and ensure every tree is planted to perfection.


The Team of Volunteers at Plant One Cornwall

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about our calculations, click here to read our report.

A full table of our products and the average CO2 created during manufacturing can be viewed here.