Create a Competitive, Electronic Playground in any Structure with NinjaPods
Brings the Fun to the Action

Lightpods mounted around a ninja frame light up and create a world of fun as players chase colours around the ninja or soft-play structure.


Play individually or as part of a team as you chase the coloured NinjaPods, scoring points with every hit to claim the glory.

Points Mean Prizes

Build up a massive score for your team as you climb, swing and jump around the ninja or soft-play frame hunting down your colour NinjaPods.

Durable by Design

Manufactured in robust materials chosen for their durability over time, NinjaPods can take anything that's thrown at them.

Repeat the Challenge

Players are awarded a final score based on the pods they hit. The electronic scoreboard displays in-game graphics that will broadcast across the ninja or soft-play arena.

Fun for Everyone

Easy to start, fun for everyone to play and inclusive for active users, NinjaPods keeps everyone entertained.



  • 2 NinjaPods games supplied as standard (Cascade and Chaser x 4)
  • 16 Rugged multi-colour lightpods - tested to 5 million hits
  • Large (55”) TV scoreboard with timer and in-game display
  • Easy start 1-touch NinjaPods games
  • Tough pole mounting hardware included
  • Cable reach up to 30m for each pod from hub controller
  • Sound FX and voice commands
  • Hard wired LAN connection is required*
  • *We recommend a minimum download speed of 2Mbps. We also recommend to connect the NUC to the network via a wired ethernet connection if at all possible. Where this is not possible, at least an 802.11n WiFi connection should be used, which can cover the likes of 2.4GHz or 5GHz

How to Buy: NinjaPods

If you're interested in NinjaPods for your ninja or soft-play frame, you're in the right place! We recommend that our products are purchased through one of our expert distribution partners, who are skilled at planning, installing and supporting Rugged equipment. 

Click here to see a list of our trusted partners, their location, what they’re best at, and for direct links to get in touch with them.

If you aren’t sure which partner to go with, or you’d prefer to discuss the products with us first, please call us on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 and we’ll be delighted to talk it through, or email your query to:

Ninja Frame Design

Our partners can design your ninja course with more accessible and suitable obstacles for your target age group, giving a new lease of life to this area. You decide what obstacles to include, how they're positioned, and where the pods are mounted. Here are some examples.


NinjaPods Support

For NinjaPods models from February 2021 onwards, please view the instruction manual below to find out more about our interactive pods for ninja and soft-play frames.

Ninjapods Install Manual
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