Kit of Grips to Create your own Challenges
How it Works...

We provide you with a box of interactive hand grips, inert hand and foot grips and an electronic scoreboard. You choose your backdrop and layout, set the route and watch fun unfold.

Create a Masterpiece

Create your own climbing challenge by positioning the grips horizontally/vertically. Turn a bouldering wall into an interactive adventure that will be a focal point in your park.

Climbing Reimagined

Multi-coloured light-up hand grips, digital scoreboard and audio commands create an exciting experience, so players will want to return for more. Choose between team climbing and race mode options.

Fun for All

Our easy-to-hold grips and comfortable foot-holes for trampoline socks make it the perfect climbing challenge for all ages. From aged 5 to adult, GripKit is fun for all.

Perfect for Parties

Multiple game programs make GripKit great for individual and group climbing. Set kids challenges and top scores to beat to add a new dimension to parties.

Upgrade to the Next Level

GripKit is easy to retrofit so you can easily upgrade any bouldering wall. Ideal for climbing centres and FEC's that want to combine traditional climbing with interactivity.


Interactive Climbing Grips

  • 16 multi-colour interactive LED hand grips
  • 50 inert hand grips and 24 inert foot grips
  • Exciting game programs for individuals, pairs and multi-player activity
  • Innovative easy-to hold grips for all ages
  • Electronic scoreboard sound system
  • Cabling for a 3 x 8m max wall space as standard
  • Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A

How to Buy

We recommend that our products are purchased through one of our expert distribution partners, who are skilled at planning, installing and supporting Rugged equipment. 

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If you aren’t sure which partner to go with, or you’d prefer to discuss the products with us first, please call us on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 and we’ll be delighted to talk it through, or email your query to:

Graphic Design

We offer personalised scoreboards for GripKit to match your park design and branding. We also recommend using creative backdrops for your climbing area to make it a stand out feature-piece in your park. For example, you could create a sky-scraper backdrop for players to climb up and along.


Product Support

For models from February 2021 onwards, view the instruction manual by clicking on the link below.

You can also view our TrailBlazer GripKit product sheet below.

Trailblazer Gripkit Install Manual Trailblazer Gripkit Product Sheet
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