When Rugged Meets Research

When we were invited to be headline sponsors of the Paediatric Work Physiology (PWP) Conference 2023, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity. It was an honour to be considered, and sponsoring an event which champions our Rugged Health values, of keeping children fit and healthy, was a match made in heaven. 

As the new Marketing Project Lead at Rugged Interactive, Grace Cupper had the chance to join Harry Stevens, Co-CEO, in attending the Conference at the Marriott St. Pierre Country Club in Chepstow with a CardioWall Compact Duo

Here’s what they learned…

Competition is a great unifier 

The conference saw attendees from across the globe, specialising in their own, (sometimes rather niche) areas of paediatric physiology research. There were a few academics who looked on curiously at first, not wishing to give the CardioWall a go, whilst being dressed head to toe in their business attire.


As soon as we put up a leaderboard and challenged colleagues to compete against one another, we had people lining up to have a go! Using the CardioWall in between seminar talks appeared to energise the attendees, and a few academics even used it to calm their nerves after presenting.

80-90% of young people are not partaking in their recommended weekly physical activity

Sadly, research shows that 80-90% of young people aged between 11-17 aren’t reaching their recommended amount of physical activity per day, which is 60 minutes of moderate to extensive exercise.

This reflects an insufficient level of 'Physical Literacy’ in young people - the confidence, knowledge, understanding and motivation to engage in physical activity as part of their lifestyle. This can have a lasting impact, as inactive young people often grow up to be inactive adults. Which in turn can lead to poor physical and mental health.

Getting people engaged in physical activity from a young age, into adulthood, and then later life is really important to us, and this is why Rugged Interactive endeavours to engage everyone in exercise by making our fitness tech interactive, inclusive, and exciting.

Wales never misses an opportunity to be patriotic

From a PowerPoint which boldly highlighted all the Welsh researchers who contributed, to Welsh rarebit served at dinner, and performances by the Caldicot Male Voice Choir, it was great to see all things Welsh being championed throughout the event. 

Thankfully, there were no dragons in sight. 

How the CardioWall could contribute to future paediatric physiology research

At Rugged Interactive, we love to learn and explore new ideas, innovations and unique solutions. It was inspiring to meet academics at the forefront of their field, and have conversations about how the CardioWall could contribute to their studies in:

  • Physical activity interventions in schools 
  • The benefits of exercise for people with ASD and ADHD
  • The full health continuum - improving fitness for all
Watch this space

We’re excited to see what new relationships we form from the PWP Conference and how Rugged Health can benefit research in paediatric physiology. 

A huge thank you to Kelly Mackintosh, Melitta McNarry, Amie Richards and Gareth Stratton from Swansea University Applied Sports, Technology, Exercise and Medicine for organising the event, and for being such great hosts. 


By Grace Cupper, Marketing Project Lead.


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