The Ultimate Team Adventure
Tech and Action Perfectly Combined

All kids love tech, but Freedom Gaming gets them moving, too! Players climb, crawl, jump and run through the obstacles – in a crazy, fun-filled rush to hit the pods and score points for their team.

Ideal for Parties and Events

From birthday parties and private hire to student challenges and corporate events, Freedom Gaming can add a fast-paced and thrilling new dimension – and new revenue stream – to any park.

Simple, Inclusive, Fun

The Freedom Gaming concept is simple to understand, so players of all ages and abilities can enjoy taking part. This highly sociable game encourages communication and teamwork.

'Teamwork Makes the Dream Work'

In the Freedom Gaming arena egos get left at the door. This is all about the group challenge and no-one is left behind. Players have one goal – to work together to score the most points and put their team at the top of the leaderboard.

Robust and User-friendly

Freedom Gaming uses non-RFID technology – it’s easy to play, operate, install and maintain. With options from a small 15-pod system to a huge 120-pod labyrinth, there's a Freedom Gaming solution for any area. The added bonus – no wristbands are required!

Once is Never Enough!

Games last 5, 10 or 15 minutes, with up to 6 teams. Large LED leaderboards displayed around the arena motivate repeat plays, score-tracking and generate opportunities for sharing triumphs on social media.



  • Main computer HUB
  • Additional secondary Hub (1 per unit of 15 sensors / ‘pods’)
  • Interactive sensor pods mounted in PET mouldings with backplates
  • 2 x loudspeakers
  • Cabling for all pods
  • 15.6” Game Launch Touchscreen
  • 55” Live Leaderboard Display TVs (# dependent on size of system)

How to Buy

Freedom Gaming can be purchased through our launch partners, Sidijk (mainland Europe), PAHS (UK) and Fun Spot (North America). If you would like to find out more from a member of the Rugged team, please give us a call on +44 1726 981 123 or drop us an email:

Arena Design

Our launch partners, Sidijk (Europe), PAHS (UK) and Fun Spot (North America) can design an exciting arena for your space and needs that will bring Freedom Gaming to life. Check out some examples below.



Support manual coming soon - please contact us directly if you need assistance. Call us on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 or email:

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