Case Studies

Here's a selection of stories from some of our customers. The products they love and the impact they've had.

Retirement Village: CardioWall for Active Ageing
Millbrook Village is a retirement village in Exeter, part of the Inspired Villages Group. For each village, residents’ health, sense of wellness and quality of life are at the heart of everything they do. Millbrook Village has a particular focus on ‘active ageing’, so a trial was set up to assess h…
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Inspired Villages Group - CardioWall Testimonial
Inspired Villages create luxury retirement communities based across the UK. They are massive advocates of keeping their residents happy and active. They were the first ever retirement village group to install a CardioWall on site, and 5 CardioWalls and many happy residents later, they now include a…
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Memory Care Centre: CardioWall Senior at Hoffmann World's Vitalia Ferraz
Hoffmann World's Vitalia Ferraz is a day care centre in Madrid for adults with age-related conditions. They installed a CardioWall Senior to study the benefits for service users with conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, reduced mobility and other types of dementia. We visited the cen…
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The Importance of CardioWall for Active Ageing - Inspired Villages Group
Sunday, February 13, 2022
Inspired Villages Group have been using the CardioWall with their residents to help promote a more active lifestyle in later life. Since the first CardioWall installation at their Millbrook Village site, Inspired Villages have now included the CardioWall in every new build design. Why? Here's Wellne…
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Severe Visual & Hearing Loss - CardioWall User Jean
"I love it, it's absolutely amazing! Can I have another go?" Meet 89-year-old Jean. She has suffered with severe visual and hearing loss for over 10 years. Jean recently tried using the CardioWall Portrait for the first time, and the result was incredible. Watch her Case Study below, which proves…
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