Retirement Village: CardioWall Trial at Millbrook Village, January 2019

Millbrook Village is a retirement village in Exeter, part of the Inspired Villages Group. For each village, residents’ health, sense of wellness and quality of life are at the heart of everything they do.

Millbrook Village has a particular focus on ‘active ageing’, so a trial was set up to assess how Rugged Interactive’s CardioWalls would encourage residents to be more physically active. This proved to be a huge success, and we caught up with Wellness Navigator Leah Jackson to find out more about how they've been using the CardioWall. See our case study video here:

Millbrook Village now runs its own ‘CardioWall Club’ for both residents and staff, and the walls have featured as a key part of their Summer and Winter Games events. Both residents and staff have raved about the range of physical (hand-eye coordination, balance, stretching, cardiovascular, physical confidence), cognitive (improved attention, focus and motivation) and social (everyone joins in the fun) benefits.

Following the success at Millbrook, CardioWalls are now being rolled out in Inspired Villages sites across the country.

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