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The problem with Rehab

Physical rehabilitation exercises have one major drawback – they tend to be very repetitive and boring, so users give up and their recovery plan is often never completed, or they take longer than they should to recover from injury and illness. The CardioWall involves playing a game, and it's this gameification that motivates users to keep going. Consequently, making rehab exercises easier and more fun.

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise is a powerful tool for improving the mental wellbeing of children and adults, with a number of beneficial effects on mood, anxiety and stress. For patients suffering from a mental health condition, finding exercises that are safe, accessible and enjoyable can be challenging. The CardioWall has proven to be a popular and effective product in numerous mental health wards, as it simultaneously stimulates both body and mind, while its robust construction makes it extremely reliable for repetitive use.

Cognitive & Brain Injury

Using gameified technology, the CardioWall combats apathy and engages even the most reluctant of users. Programmes combine cognitive and physical challenge, which not only aids physical recovery, but also improves balance and decision-making. This is ideal for stroke patients, those recovering from brain injuries, as well as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's sufferers. 

Physical Rehabilitation

Our products provide a range of programs to motivate and challenge users throughout their rehabilitation journey. CardioWall use is particularly effective in improving balance, mobility and strength. For example, it can be used after surgery to regain muscle following injury-induced atrophy. Programmes can be tailored for individuals, depending on their ability and fitness level.



More fun than traditional rehab exercises - lights and sounds engage users and motivate them to exercise frequently and for longer periods.

Improves cognitive & physical performance

Engaging body and brain in a fun way, regular CardioWall use can help to improve both mental and physical health.


Versatile layout and game options make the CardioWall accessible to most users.

Tracks progress

CardioWall scores can be recorded to clearly track progress.


Equally effective for individuals or groups, the CardioWall provides a fun way to exercise together.


Multiple layout options available: half-size, portrait and landscape orientations.

"iZone has made me feel much more confident. I really enjoyed the CardioWall as this is the only piece of equipment I have found that I can comfortably do cardio and feel a benefit. I really enjoyed all the visualization techniques and cannot wait to come back."

- Simon Khan – Injured Serviceman and KartForce Driver, iZone

"For those less able, we want them to be working on the CardioWall to improve their mobility, flexibility and their reach. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment for their general health and fitness. It works on repetition for our autism students - it’s something that captures their imagination."

- Karen Erikson - Director of Specialism at Arbour Vale Specialist Sports College

"As a wheelchair athlete, I’ve been looking for something like the CardioWall for years! It’s brilliant for improving my general fitness and my hand-eye coordination, and at the same time it improves my core strength and balance – plus it’s brilliant fun. I just love it!"

- Martin Lane – Welsh Wheelchair Rugby International

"The CardioWall installed on Endcliffe Ward (Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust) has already proved to be a HUGE hit with service users, and staff are enjoying it too!"

- Charlotte Williams – Senior Physiotherapist

"We received the CardioWall and it’s absolutely brilliant. Our open day was a great success and the CardioWall was certainly the star of the show."

- Zoe Aspinall – Service Coordinator at Essex Cares

"Absolutely brilliant. I have a hip screw and can't bend down. I use the CardioWall with an autistic child. We play it together and both absolutely love it."

- Sarah – Roehampton College

"It’s [CardioWall Landscape] got friendships, it’s got independence, it’s got fun, it’s an activity. It’s the whole thing rolled into one. It’s probably the best piece of equipment we’ve bought in a long time!"

- Anita Cobb – Service Manager at Ernest Kleinwort Court

"I tell you what - this [CardioWall Portrait] beats doing a bike session!"

- Jonathan Adams – 2012 Paralympian

"It's fun, it's interactive and they don't see it as's a motivator and hidden assessment tool."

- Julia Smith – Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

"The CardioWall particularly lends itself to an ‘open play’ PE where the lessons are very much structured around what really gets the students’ attention. It develops their ability to think as well as giving them a really good physical workout. We find the CardioWalls to be highly accessible as both a learning and an exercise / fitness tool. The majority of our diverse ability groups can enjoy and benefit from using them, and the score capture facility enables us to measure their progress particularly easily."

- Karen Erikson – Director of Specialism at Arbour Vale Specialist Sports College

"The CardioWall has brought competition, enthusiasm, fun, games and laughter. It’s brought all the residents together."

- Millie Helsby – Activities Assistant at Ernest Kleinwort Court

"We use the CardioWall as part of our 1:1 sessions. It's less intense and a great way for our patients to feel they can open up more and talk to staff"

- Bernard Doe Gbeki - Ward Manager, Robin Pinto Unit at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

"The CardioWall helps promote the service users' health and wellbeing and it's also fun to challenge them and staff here. All round, it's a great piece of equipment"

- Angie Hardie - Activities Coordinator at Victoria House, The Disabilities Trust

"If you're considering the CW, just do it. There’s not a down side. If you’ve got the money then there’s no better way of spending it. It’s a great addition to an existing gym, or placed elsewhere as an alternative fun activity’’

- Chris Martin - Activities Coordinator at Sowenna Inpatient Mental Health Unit

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