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Innovators in Fun

We firmly believe that staying active shouldn't be hard work; that is why we put fun at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the science of fun and, through gameification, we aim to help you create unforgettable user experiences.

Unique Technology

Innovation is in our DNA. We create unique products with super high quality and user-friendly function. We use the best technology, components, assembly techniques and design tools to optimise our products from the drawing board to final production.

Connect and Compete

Our rigorously tested products are designed to promote challenge and healthy competition, both with others and ourselves. We help you set challenges for your customers, and engage with them more actively, both in person and online.

Robust and Reliable

Simple installs and easy maintenance. We offer industry leading support and service on all our products. Our comprehensive catalogue of videos and written manuals provide many answers, but if you need further support, we’re always here to help.

SkyZone Conference 2024

Las Vegas get ready, because Rugged Interactive will be exhibiting at the SkyZone Conference 2024!

When: Monday 3rd June - Thursday 6th June 2024.

Where: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA

If you'd like to arrange a meeting with our US Sales Executive, Sam, please send him an email: sam.t@rugged-interactive.com 




Have fun, stay active

Drive active play through interactive fun

Improved mental capacity

Challenging activity for both body and brain


Products suitable for all ages and abilities

Competitive challenge

Compete with others or yourself

Team games

New ways of working together to reach a target

Share socially

Pic. Tag. Upload. Repeat.

"Since we installed the CardioWall FreeStyle Duos our customers keep telling us how much they love them!"

- Max Broadfield – Director at Trampolines Europe Limited

"I tried out the new SkyPod track at Oxygen in Leeds - it is fantastic! And really hard work."

- Nick Booth – Managing Director at Continental Sports Ltd

"The TrailBlazer Traverse climbing wall has certainly had a profound impact on Simonside climbing wall’s attendance."

- Alex D'Ambrosie – Service Manager, Simonside Outdoor Adventure

"I really love this product. It’s actually our favourite! Especially the Chaser game, which is brilliant for birthday party groups. They love the competition, running around and climbing up to hit the lights. Even the youngest kids like the TrailBlazer too, as parents help the small ones and it’s a nice joint activity for them to do together."

- Marcin – Director, Hangar 646

"After we installed SelfieCam we were amazed how quickly the kids started using it, they understood how to use it as a game to record their tricks but also how to share them over social media - they loved seeing themselves on the phones after the session."

- Simon – General Manager, iBounce

"It's by far the most popular wall in our Krazy Climbing area. Kids love hitting out lights and seeing their score. When I saw SkyClimb, I couldn't not have it!"

- Paul Cornforth - Managing Director, Kong Adventure

"We added soccertot sessions [in our PworPlay arena] for added value perception. Sessions are always fully booked and the kids love it, they can't get enough of it"

- Jeremy Appiah - General Manager, Flip Out Somerset

"If I designed my park again, I'd put three high-9's in, they're the most popular feature we have"

- Mr Greener - Owner, Ultimate Trampoline Park

''DA is very, very cool and super fun for all our customers. It's our favourite feature"

- Raphael Maganck - General Manager, WeezeJump

"Our customers love it because it's something completely different. The kit takes up such a small area but brings SO much to our park. We just love it. Thanks Rugged Interactive"

- Clare - General Manager, Red Kangaroo Coventry

"Kids are having a lots of fun playing with the targets and adults really love the system too. It’s definitely a wow factor in our park and I would definitely, definitely suggest everyone using this system”

- Christoph Christou - Owner, ARC Trampoline Park

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