Proven popular products to make activity more engaging and fun for children and young people
Engages Everyone to be Active

Combining interactive technology with gamefication is our secret to keeping children active and engaged - in groups or individually, kids simply love using our products. More inclusive than some traditional sports, and more fun than just exercise, activity levels increase by stealth.

Supremely Versatile

Our Activall branded reaction walls are used during PE lessons, break times and as a ‘time out’ or ‘reward’ tool for students with behaviour difficulties. Their unique design means that children of all abilities are able to use them, either with their hands or with a huge variety of accessories.

The Results are not Just Physical

Independent research has consistently shown improvements in mental wellbeing after using Rugged products, including attentiveness in class, self-worth and confidence. Click here to see the evidence.

Popular and Proven Rugged Technology

There are now over 200 schools around the world benefiting from the use of Rugged products, including the exclusive ActivAll, DodgeAttack, PowrPlay and TrailBlazer.


Eye-catching design

Kids are drawn to the striking graphics, lights and sounds.

Easy to use

Clear instructions and intuitive operation make it accessible and inclusive.

Multiple options

Available in portrait, landscape and compact versions, and for outdoor and indoor use.

Highly versatile

Mount on a wall or increase the flexibility with mobile stands.

​​"For KS1, during PE lessons, children learn spatial awareness, increase their mobility and body awareness and improve their hand-eye coordination skills. CardioWalls help children hone these skills/objectives in a fun, interactive environment."

- Pippa Counter – Head of PE, Fowey Primary School

​​"The probable attraction here is that the CardioWalls don’t immediately make you think of exercise; they look like fun so appeal to everyone."

- Jeremy Waldon – Headteacher, Roche Primary School

​​"What a fantastic opportunity for our children to improve their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination."

- Chris Wilson – Headteacher, Blackwater Primary School

​​"We use them in lessons, at playtime and for special needs support as well – so there’s lots of applications. What you expect to be the benefit [of the CardioWall] is one thing, but then there’s lots of other things that come out of it as well. So, we are really, really pleased we’ve got them!"

- Jeremy Waldon – Headteacher, Roche Primary School

"The TrailBlazer Traverse climbing wall has certainly had a profound impact on Simonside climbing wall’s attendance."

- Alex D'Ambrosie – Service Manager, Simonside Outdoor Adventure

​​"The CardioWall Compact Duo has added a new dimension to PE at Fowey Primary. What makes the CardioWalls particularly effective is their accessibility – every child of every ability and age can enjoy using them. They are not only used during lessons but utilised by extra-curricular clubs including breakfast club. CardioWalls and Wake & Shake... a great way for children to be ready to learn at the start of the day!"

- Pippa Counter – Head of PE, Fowey Primary School

"Teachers often need to identify movement breaks, rewards and incentives for children and the CardioWalls provide both very well. Teachers also plan the CardioWalls in to their gym activities as a component of units of PE work on fitness. One advantage over some existing PE activities is that the CardioWalls can be used independently. They require no teamwork, which suits some children. I should add though; the CardioWalls are also very effective for encouraging teamwork."

​​"The CardioWalls give you a score every time you play on them. So, [pupils] are developing the idea that; if I work hard, if I try hard and I keep practicing, I will actually get better at something."

- Jeremy Waldon – Headteacher, Roche Primary School

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