Inclusive fitness for kids of all ages and abilities
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

ActivAll is a hugely enjoyable and significantly beneficial piece of equipment, instrumental in keeping all kids active and helping to tackle childhood obesity. It provides pupils with healthy minds and bodies, which in turn, helps to boost mood and self-confidence.

Competitive, Cognitive Challenge

The ActivAll gives users a score, so kids will want to play again and again to challenge their friends and themselves, motivating mind and body. It is also a great way to improve concentration, mental agility and hand-eye coordination.

Fully Inclusive

Enables students of all ages and abilities to benefit from a full body workout, both with and without disabilities, as the play area can be reduced for wheelchairs users. This is a great product for students who may not like sport or who struggle with PE. 

Weatherproof and Visually Striking

Rain, wind and shine - the ActivAll is a robust and reliable installation whatever the weather. Mount on a wall or keep it flexible with mobile stands. The colourful graphics, flashing lights and sounds will make this a super popular addition to any space. 

Perfect for Sensory Breaks

Many schools have found the use of ActivAlls particularly effective when students need to take a sensory break or require a time out.

Easy to Use & Versatile

One touch 'QuickStart' programs enable fast play. The ActivAll can be used with hands or accessories and is ideal for team games and motor development.


Inclusive. Competitive. Fun!

  • 9 multi-colour bulletproof LED pods
  • Dual scoreboard / timer display
  • 6 core programs with over 100 user adjustable variations
  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands
  • Rugged lightpods - tested to 5 million hits
  • Isolate pods to play on confined areas (e.g. higher/lower/central)
  • Tough moulded body and rebrandable graphic panels
  • Size: 2125 mm (H) x 1220 mm (W) x 55 mm (D)
  • Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A

How to Buy

All ActivAll reaction wall products are available from our exclusive distribution partner, Anomaly Group. Call them on +44(0) 1772 851468, or email: to make an enquiry

Click here to visit the dedicated ActivAll website.

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