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Freedom Gaming Release Notes and Software Updates
Wednesday, May 3, 2023

V1.2.0.5 Release Notes

Release date: 19/04/2023

New Features:

  • Sound balance sliders in hidden admin menu
  • Additional “attract” mode to demo gameplay and pod response
  • New idle state for pods – including light and sounds
  • Password protected full admin menu added to CyberChase
  • Enable and disable pod sounds and music separately
  • Game duration setting in admin menu
  • Language switch to German via management app now available
  • Updated scripts to work on dumb and smarthub setup
  • New hardware interface

Fixed issues:

  • Sticking pods diagnosed and removed
  • Game switching smoother between FG1 and FG2
  • Attract mode issue causing product to default to FG1
  • Robots on screen all grey on launch
  • Swap game mode fix


  • Reloaded profanity filter
  • Faster pod refresh (from 5s to 1s); less errors with sticking pods and non-compliant behaviour
  • Enable and disable pod sounds
  • Fixed idle sequence when pods in standby
  • Improved hub detection for smart and dumbhub