UV-Reflective Graphics

We are excited to be able to offer UV-reflective Graphics for all FreeStyle Duo orders. This is the perfect way to make the FreeStyle Duo a stand-out attraction in your park. UV-reflective Graphics are also available on TrailBlazer climbing walls and scoreboxes for High-9 and SkyPods.

Custom Front Graphics
With five different UV colours (yellow, orange, red, pink and green) to choose from, our in-house designer can create custom artwork for you based on your park design and logo. Or, if you have your own graphics team, we can send you our design  templates so you can easily bring your own ideas to life. An excellent addition for UV nights and teen sessions. All you require is a UV light to make the graphics come to life.

FreeStyle Duo UV-reflective Graphics are available for RRP £400 + VAT per 'Duo' (pair of FreeStyle walls). Just ask us about UV options when discussing your custom graphics at the time of placing your order.