A Competitive, Social and Interactive Climbing Challenge
How it Works...

We provide you with a set of 9 (Single Lane) or 18 (Two Lane) Pods, a tablet and 50" screen leaderboard. You choose your climbing wall, set the route and watch the fun begin.

Variety of Climbing Challenge

Entertain and challenge every climber - with three games on one climbing lane. Test a climber’s speed, endurance, balance, visual awareness and concentration as they reach the top.

Attract New Customers

Widen your audience to all ages and abilities with SkyClimb’s non-intimidating, motivating, and fun appeal. The perfect attraction for a shared family activity.

Break Barriers & Covert Beginners to Regulars

The distraction of playing a game reduces fear and anxiety for novice climbers, making scoring points the focus. Climbers will be desperate to come back to beat their score and top the leaderboard.

Perfect for Parties and Groups

Adding interactivity, tech and competition helps attract more party and group bookings. SkyClimb helps you reach a wider customer base and generate more revenue.

Quick Installation

Integrate in new wall designs or retrofit to existing walls. Light pods can be embedded into the wall or mounted in volumes. The system can be installed rapidly.


Key Components

  • Available in 2 sizes - Single or Two Lane
  • 9 (Single Lane) or 18 (Two Lane) Multi-colour pods
  • Touchscreen Tablet to Launch SkyClimb Games
  • 49" Screen Leaderboard (Only available in Two Lane)
  • 3 Interactive Games Supplied as Standard

How to Buy: SkyClimb

We recommend that our products are purchased through one of our expert distribution partners, who are skilled at planning, installing and supporting Rugged equipment. 

Click here to see a list of our trusted partners, their location, what they’re best at, and for direct links to get in touch with them.

If you aren’t sure which partner to go with, or you’d prefer to discuss the products with us first, please call us on +44 (0) 1726 981 123 and we’ll be delighted to talk it through, or email your query to: sales@rugged-interactive.co.uk.

The Proof

Case Studies

Product Support and Game Information

For models from October 2021, you can view the installation manual below.

You can also see a graphical representation of each SkyClimb Interactive Game.

Skyclimb Manual Skyclimb Games Overview
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