Memory Care Centre: CardioWall Senior at Hoffmann World's Vitalia Ferraz

Hoffmann World's Vitalia Ferraz is a day care centre in Madrid for adults with age-related conditions. They installed a CardioWall Senior to study the benefits for service users with conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, reduced mobility and other types of dementia.

We visited the centre to explore the preliminary trial conclusions since installing the CardioWall Senior:

The centre's rehabilitation and prevention therapies are based on 'The Hoffmann Method', a holistic programme which aims to improve both the cognitive and physical condition of users. Over 90% of the service users enjoy CardioWall sessions on a regular basis, using specific programmes that are suitable for their ability and condition.

The Vitalia centre has found that the CardioWall Senior aids mental focus, improves reaction speed and physical agility, leads to pain reduction, and improves language, memory loss, and mood. And overwhelmingly, the fact that it’s seen as a game motivates many of the users to take exercise when otherwise they wouldn’t.

“The CardioWall Senior is a great innovation to work and stimulate both physical and cognitive areas. It's generated great interest, facilitating physical therapies as well as interrelation between users” – Alexandra Torres, Programme Manager, Hoffmann Group


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