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We can supply a range of accessories for use with products in the CardioWall and Pro-X ranges. We have D-balls, Pilates balls (0.5kg and 1kg), Bosu-style balance cushions, reach extenders, double-handed 5kg medicine balls, boxing gloves and 'Top Gear' style magnetic leaderboards.

Delivery lead times and fees are dependent on location - contact us at to find out more.

'Top Gear' style magnetic leaderboards

Mount onto a flat surface with the enclosed strong self-adhesive Velcro strips. Make your products even more compelling by keeping a record of top scores! Discounts are available for existing customers.

Single width leaderboard - £200
  • 350 mm (W) x 800 mm (L)
  • Includes 20 x dry-wipe strips, a dry-wipe pen and pen holder.
  • Two strips of strong self-adhesive Velcro attachments.
Double width leaderboard - £300
  • 700 mm (W) x 800 mm (L)
  • Includes 40 x dry-wipe strips, 2 x dry-wipe pens and 2 x pen holders.
  • Four strips of strong self-adhesive Velcro attachments.
Leather Pro Punch Bag Mitts

The leather punching mitts are ideal for optimum hand protection when training. Great for use with the CardioWall to protect the hand and improve contact with the pods.

Product details:
Premium leather mitt with anatomical hand moulded multi-layer foam padding. Hook and Loop wrap wrist closure for superior wrist support. Black with white stitching.

Price: £32 + VAT per pair


Soft-weighted Yoga / Pilates balls

Soft pilates balls aid grip and proprioception. They are great for users who wish to improve their hand strength on the CardioWall.

Available as a pair of 0.5 kg Pilates Balls or as a pair of 1 kg Pilates Balls.

Product details:
Soft weights are designed for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training, and mobilisation exercises, in addition to offering a more fluid range of motion to using a standard dumbbell. The soft weight design is safer, reducing the risk of damage or injury if the weight is dropped. The shape also helps to promote the development of functional grip strength.

DOP Free PVC outer shell with sand filling. Surface washable. 12 cm in diameter.

0.5kg - £22 + VAT per pair
1kg - £25 + VAT per pair

Single Grip D-Ball Medicine Ball

Step up your workout using a pair of soft D-Ball weights. Improve upper arm, upper body strength and stamina. D-Balls are also great for HIIT for the already fit.

Available as a pair of 1 kg D-Balls or as a pair of 2 kg D-Balls.

Product details:
Single grip soft vinyl medicine balls, the ergonomic handle design makes these balls ideal for throws development.

1kg Price: £66 + VAT per pair
2kg Price: £95 + VAT per pair

Reach Extender

Reach Extenders are designed specifically for disabled users. Reach Extenders aid those with limited upper body movement to still use the CardioWall.

Product details:
Ergonomic hand grip and open elbow cuff offers extra comfort. The lightweight construction makes them easy to use and the non-twisting cuff provided easy and comfortable use. The foam ball maximises easy of use for the disabled user. 68cm in length. Foam ball is 15cm in diameter.

Actual colours may vary from those shown in the photos. 

Price: £78 + VAT

BOSU Style Balance Cushion

A balance cushion is a truly unique balance, core stability and proprioception training device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training, or stand alone as an outstanding functional tool.

Product details:
When fully inflated the dome is 26cm high and 60cm in diameter, with a maximum user weight of 125kg. Includes 1 x hand pump and 2 x toning tubes with handles - great for working the arm muscles.

Price: £85 + VAT