The Importance of CardioWall for Active Ageing - Inspired Villages Group

Inspired Villages Group have been using the CardioWall with their residents to help promote a more active lifestyle in later life. Since the first CardioWall installation at their Millbrook Village site, Inspired Villages have now included the CardioWall in every new build design.

Why? Here's Wellness Navigator, Leah and a handful of residents to explain...

The residents at Inspired Villages have found that the CardioWall mimics everyday activities such as reaching (to high cupboards) and squatting (to pick up mail), resulting in these everyday activities becoming easier.

The powerful combination of physical exertion and cognitive stimulation have shown to be hugely beneficial for residents with improvements observed in cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, reaction times and mental alertness. There have been social benefits too, thanks to a little friendly competition between staff, residents and their families.

We strongly believe that you're never too old to be active and that remaining active should be fun for everyone. We're proud to hear that the CardioWall is enabling just that!

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