Best for... Retrofit Upgrades

Welcome back to our ‘Best For’ series where we highlight some of our best picks for your indoor adventure centre. As parks start to reopen and guests come flooding back, we’re focusing on something there’s been a lot of attention on recently - retrofit upgrades!

Whether you’re looking for something new to shout about or have an old feature that needs a bit of refresh, we’ve got plenty of interactive features that can be easily added to spice things up.

Top Pick - DodgeAttack

Take your dodgeball arena to a whole new level with our interactive targets – two teams, two minutes, extreme fun! Players aim at the targets to score points, rather than players, meaning no one goes out.

Installation: Targets can be easily installed onto existing dodgeball court structures, including Extreme Dodgeball courts. DodgeAttack is available as a 2, 4 or 8-target system, so whatever the size of your court, we can upgrade it!

Want to see just how intense a game of DodgeAttack can be? Watch it in action here.

We also recommend...


The all-action, high-tech target game that’s the perfect upgrade for a cageball space, pair of basketball lanes or just an underused 3m x 5m space. Great for 1v1 or 2v2 battles, AeroStrike works brilliantly alongside a leaderboard challenge to generate widespread excitement. With a one-touch start button and a scoreboard that tracks goals, no supervision is required!

Installation: AeroStrike targets and scoreboard can be mounted to horizontal or vertical supporting steel bars.
TrailBlazer GripKit

Add interactive grips to your climbing or bouldering wall to create a custom game-driven climbing adventure. Position the grips horizontally or vertically and turn your climbing wall into an exciting challenge for kids of all ages. Exciting gameplay makes TrailBlazer GripKit perfect for competitions and parties.

Installation: Our easy-to-hold grips can be easily added to any climbing wall. Our GripKit can also be combined with traditional climbing holds to make climbing more challenging for older or more advanced climbers.

Upgrading an area of your park with new features can bring in new guests, give you something to shout about and make visitors return again and again. So if there's a dead space or an area that needs some sparkle, an upgrade could be just the ticket!

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