4 CardioWalls at the Lensbury, Teddington

We recently installed a high performance pod of 4 CardioWalls at the prestigious Lensbury Club in Teddington, London. We’re really into the idea of multi-walls being better than the sum of their parts, so we’re looking for unusual or interesting locations.

We were given a fantastic space to work with, a newly renovated room right at the centre of the sports complex, designed to be an inclusive area for elders, kids and fitness freaks. Best of all we were also given the brief to make the installation the centrepiece of the room - so we set out with that squarely in our mind.

Initial designs made use of the unique 2+2 setup (2 portrait and 2 landscape) and we worked hard to make it as functional as possible, eventually settling on a double V with a centre storage section for D-Balls, med balls and gloves. We also used 4 x 15 inch touchscreens for the first time for data entry and instant analysis, as well as fingertip control of the CardioWalls. Lauren came up with some terrific graphics, sort of Tron meets upmarket country club, and we worked them around the many facets to best effect.

After a long drive up from Fowey It took two of us (good work Alan) around 9 long hours to fit, setup and test the walls, eventually handing everything over 30 minutes ahead of schedule - phew…!

We were super happy with the result, truly stunning, functional and fit for purpose. We’re really looking forward to working with the Lensbury to make the installation even better over the coming months, with new routines, software enhancements and training - and we can’t wait to get stuck in. 

So, if you’re in the market for something unusual and visually exciting, challenge us to make the most of whatever space you’ve got. We won’t disappoint!


by Simon Heap


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