It’s been said so often that it’s become a truism - the way to success is continuous improvement (Kaizen) - just look at how Toyota became the biggest car firm in the world!

And so of course, every self-respecting ambitious company now operates their own system of continuous improvement.  

Thing is - it’s easy to do so when it suits, harder when it’s applied as it supposed to…

Reducing waste, unevenness and overburden (Mudi, Muring and Mura) is tricky, so many companies employ the never ending ‘Deming Circle’. If anyone is interested, there are plenty of books or information available on YouTube.

So how does this apply to Anthony Joshua?

After listening to feedback it was clear that Team AJ would gain more benefit from their Pro-X  if they could aim at different patterns -  horizontally, just the middle or perhaps just peripheral pods.

As a boxer it is crucial is to remain aware of potential threats from unexpected punches outside of the normal ‘channel’.  Building up awareness of stimuli in these areas is key.

Also useful is being able to accurately punch when your target moves unexpectedly away from the channel.

So we returned to the drawing board and created a unique system of patterns and layouts that would stretch AJ (and everyone else) to the limit, but with standard, repeatable results.

We’re pleased to see that now the software update is applied and in use, the true benefits of Kaizen can be appreciated.

For us, continuous improvement is built into the core of the company. We strive to make everything as good as possible first time - but then revisit it and make it better.

by Simon Heap

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