Anthony Joshua recruits Rugged for his next big fight

Anthony Joshua. Britain’s best-known boxer, global superstar and now the proud owner of our flagship product - the CardioWall Pro-X.

He’s excited, we’re excited and we can’t wait to follow his progress as he (undoubtedly) posts top score after top score.

What we really want to know now, is how regular workouts on a CardioWall Pro-X can help a world heavyweight champion become a better boxer. And we should have this insight in less than 2 months, as AJ takes on the machine in preparation for his next big fight.


 English Institute of Sport (EIS) – CardioWall Pro-X Elite

So where did this all begin?

Take it back to the Elevate Arena exhibition in May 2018 where we first met Sina Ghami – AJ’s childhood friend, now his Exercise Rehabilitation Coach, and owner of Evolve Gym in Ruislip, London.

Standing back from the crowd who were competing on the Pro-X, Sina quickly spotted what a product like the Pro-X could bring to boxing training at the highest level. Testing reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, agility, balance, stamina and peripheral vision, the Pro-X combines mind and body challenges in workouts fit for a champion.

Within a few short weeks, Sina had ordered a CardioWall for his own Evolve Gym, and a Pro-X Elite for AJ.

Evolve Gym – CardioWall Landscape

Our first installation was at Evolve Gym in London, where a number of professional sportsmen, including the likes of Patrick Van Aanholt, left back for Crystal Palace FC, train. Focusing on functional fitness, group classes and boxing training, Evolve Gym is the perfect fit for the CardioWall.

Members at Evolve gym have access to some of the best cardio, strength, and functional products on the market, and now the CardioWall has added another dimension to their workouts, giving them an interactive edge.

It has, in fact, made a huge and immediate impact there. According to Sina and one of the PTs, the CardioWall Landscape has “become the most popular piece of equipment in the gym… members are queuing up to have a go on it”.     

… Sounds like AJ might have some competition!

Standing tall and proud in The Lion’s Den, home of GB Boxing, is the CardioWall Pro-X Elite. This is where AJ is preparing for his next big fight against Alexander Povetkin on 22nd September, and now he’s using the Pro-X to hone his reactions, punching accuracy and mental focus as he builds towards peak condition.

 “AJ is constantly looking for new ways to improve his skills, and is really excited to see the difference the Pro-X can make.” – Sina Ghami

We’ll be keeping close tabs on AJ and Sina to see how he gets on - but already the signs are good.

“Wow, that was really hard!”, AJ told our man Daniel after his first 1-minute of ClusterShot.  “Now I want to beat that score!”.  Considering that came at the end of a 6-hour training session, the motivational power of the CardioWall is already evident!

Elite boxing isn’t completely new territory for Rugged, with a Carlos Takam being a frequent user of the Pro-X in Monte Carlo. However, one great privilege of this collaboration with the EIS and Evolve Gym, and something we are very excited about, is that we’re now able to be part of the journeys of amateur and professional athletes as they train on the CardioWall and Pro-X.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as we will be monitoring the big man’s progress leading up to the fight, and we’re sure in the process gaining new insight into how Rugged’s technology can help sportsmen and women at the very top of their game.


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