Best For... Growing Memberships

Welcome back to our ‘Best For’ series where we select some of our best interactive picks for your trampoline or indoor adventure park. This week, we’re ‘thinking tactically’ about how our products can help you grow your membership numbers!

Creating a community within your park can help grow your customer base, lead to a greater number of repeat visits and build a strong customer loyalty – so let’s jump right in!

Top Pick - WallRider

Think Walk-the-Wall, but SO much cooler and utterly irresistible. Our interactive targets and scoring system turn this feature into a skilful challenge that tweens, teens and adults just can’t get enough of. Wall-walking is an art, and with WallRider, users can track their scores and progress over time.

Whack up a leaderboard and let players compete to see who can be crowned the WallRider champion! Run weekly, monthly and yearly competitions to keep wall-walkers stepping back in for more.

“We’ve started running a WallRider Club, it’s brilliant for teaching progression and it really develops high level skills for the best players. In fact, it’s the most popular feature in the park!” – Nathan, SuperTramp Plymouth

Click to watch WallRider in action and see our 7 reasons to go feet first

We also recommend..


Take your multi-sport pitch to the next level with our interactive target system that will make your guests feel like a Ballon d’Or winner! Position targets within goal mouths and watch the fun unfold. PowrPlay works particularly well with an air track floor, or as a penalty shootout set-up. 

Kids love trying to perfect new skills, and hitting the target under pressure is much harder than it looks – but even more rewarding when you do. PowrPlay helps players develop coordination, communication, and teamwork; perfect for school-trip visits, clubs and parties.

Our top tips for making PowrPlay your top scorer: Why not try organising small-sided leagues or one-off competitions such as 'most goals scored in 2-minutes' that all your guests will want to have a crack at.

Want to see how much kids love it? Click here to watch our video


Turn your dodgeball court into an all-lights, all-action arena. DodgeAttack is a robust, high-tech system that makes dodgeball more exciting, more inclusive and a whole lot easier to run.

Teams score points by hitting out their opponents targets whilst defending their own. With 2-minute timed games where no-one goes out, it's all about teamwork and tactics!

Try running a weekly DodgeAttack league or knock-out competitions to keep groups coming back for more. There's no better feeling that seeing your team top of the leaderboard.

Find out more about DodgeAttack

If you've got stiff competition from other entertainment venues around you, creating a community feel or launching a membership scheme can help you stand out from the rest.

Kids can get hooked on developing new skills and rising to a 'challenge.' With our interactives, challenge is key - so whether they're throwing, kicking or walking their way to the top, these challenging interactives can help you grow membership numbers and ensure an invaluable level of regular income for your park.

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