Best Interactives For... Teens

For our next in the 'Best For' series, where we select some of the best products for trampoline and indoor adventure centres, we're focusing on our top interactive picks for teenagers. And if you get it right and give them an unforgettable experience, they'll be back!

Whether your core target market is tweens and teens, or come 8pm your park turns down the lights and pumps up the volume for teen hour, you’ll need something to test them to the limit / challenge and entertain them. Here’s some of the Rugged Interactive features that will make your park the coolest hangout in town.

Top Pick - High-9 Duo

Teenagers love a challenge. Whether they’re competing against themselves or their friends, a competition will have then rushing back to try and top the leaderboard. The High-9 Duo is a vertical height challenge designed to test hand speed, bounce control and stamina, that even the savviest of jumpers will want to master.

Top Tip: have prizes ready to give out to that session’s top scorer, or all-time highest – they won’t forget it. 

We also recommend...


If you thought walk-the-wall was cool, check out WallRider. Players score points with their feet as they walk up and along the wall… developing their skill and gaining a whole lot of street cred as they do it.

Not for the faint-hearted, this is an excellently exhausting and addictive challenge for some of the best wall-walkers in town. WallRider comes with three game levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced – perfect too for those just starting on their horizontal journey!

Want to change your walk-the-wall into a wonderwall? Click here to watch a video of it in action.

Teens love teams, and DodgeAttack is perfect for parties and small group tournaments. More inclusive than dodgeball, and less aggresive, teams throw balls at their opposition’s targets, scoring points with every hit. It’s fast paced, skill-driven and continuous action as no one goes out!

Install 2 to 4 targets per team and watch the fun unfold. Every game lasts 2-minutes so there’s a fast throughput of players.

Teens love taking a challenge, developing a new skill or recording a big score, so parks that offer them the right mix of tests of features will see them coming back more often – and bringing their buddies!

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