Rugged Interactive is extremely proud to announce that The English Federation of Disability Sport has awarded the CardioWall its IFI accreditation.

This means that those organisations wishing to provide an environment that’s fully accessible to all, can choose the CardioWall with the confidence that it will appeal as much to those with special needs as it does to professional athletes and able-bodied gym-goers of all ages.

It also confirms what a growing number of our customers have been saying –that the CardioWall offers a powerful mix of fun, motivation, physical and cognitive benefits to its users.

And there’s one more piece of good news for the disability sector: FULL funding for CardioWalls is now available for organisations working with the disabled and disadvantaged.

This is fantastic news too, so if you’re interested to hear more about how we can make it easy for you to buy CardioWalls for your charity, please drop us a line.


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