Dragons' Den: Pre-match Report

It’s less than a week to go before Rugged Interactive (and I) get the sort of exposure on prime time TV that only big money can buy.

Of course, ultimately there’s always a cost and as the dance teacher in ‘The Kids from Fame’ used to say, “…you pay in sweat!”

And it’s the sort of cold, gnawing, sweaty expectation that you get when thinking about an upcoming exam, or waiting for the school report to drop through the letterbox. You keep getting flashbacks of something you might have said, or how things might be perceived (or edited).

It’s been fun watching this series of Dragons' prior to our broadcast - we were only given few weeks notice of the broadcast date and sworn to secrecy - but we have been watching the other people who pitched on the same day as us with interest. Some - like the Snuffling Pig company we have maintained a relationship with, others were just fleeting ships in the dark.

So it’s a few days to go - we’re primed and ready for whatever might happen. And keeping to our reputation for innovation, we’re doing what we believe is a first - "GoggleBox" on Facebook Live. Watch us, watching ourselves… LIVE!

See how excruciating it is and relieve each moment in real time.

We can’t wait - but just don’t ask me how it went...

by Simon Heap

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