Festive Fun for all the Family at The Brightwell

Christmas came early for our CardioWall Landscape at The Brightwell this month, as it got put to good use at their Christmas Market Fundraiser.  

The Brightwell is a charity wellness centre in Bristol supporting people with MS and other neurological conditions. They offer a wide range of rehabilitation therapies, as well as exercise classes, oxygen therapy, and a community café.

The day was full of festive treats, a Puxton Park animal corner, local crafts, and of course… some good old healthy competition on the CardioWall! All money raised will go towards their essential services.

Grace, our Marketing Project Lead, was joined by Harry, Co-CEO, and Sam, US Sales Executive, to run some games on the CardioWall for £1 a go. We had all generations come up to the CardioWall, from toddlers to grandparents, with service users also showing off their new-found skills!

It was great to see a steady stream of CardioWall players, as people came back throughout their day to beat their own scores.

What did we play?

ClearOut – Hit out all 9 Pods as quick as you can! Benefits: Hand-eye coordination, functional mobility, cardiovascular fitness, balance.

Chaser – Find the red Pod within the green and hit it out as fast as you can! Benefits: Hand-eye coordination, cognitive engagement, function mobility, balance.

ClusterShot – For those feeling energised! Clear out the cluster of Pods whilst they’re green for the most points. Benefits: Cardiovascular fitness, speed, hand-eye coordination, balance and functional mobility.

Accessible and active fun on the CardioWall

Making physical fitness fun and engaging is our goal at Rugged, and the CardioWall offers exercise that doesn’t really feel like exercise. The Landscape model can be shared between pairs or younger users, and for smaller hands, someone else can help hit out the top Pods.

For those with restricted mobility, walking aids and wheelchairs can be brought right up to the CardioWall, and reach extenders are a great accessory to support users to hit out all Pods, whether on the 5-Pod or 9-Pod setting. You might even want to try using sparring gloves to get those arms pumping!

We chose ClearOut and Chaser as our main games of the day as the user sets their own pace on the wall, helping users feel confident to have a go.

Our collaboration with The Brightwell

We’re working with The Brightwell to measure the benefits of the CardioWall for people with MS and neurological conditions, particularly focusing on:

  • Functional mobility
  • Balance and falls risk reduction
  • Mood and social integration

As well as supporting the Physio team to implement the CardioWall into their rehabilitation programs in the most beneficial way, we hope to support service users to:

  • Become more independent and confident in everyday life
  • Keep active at their own pace
  • Engage in their physical rehab plan

A 12-Week MS Study is taking place now, and we’re excited to share the results in 2024!

Our thanks to The Brightwell for inviting us along to their Christmas Market Fundraiser. It was a great day and fantastic to see so many new faces try out the CardioWall.

By Grace Cupper, Marketing Project Lead.


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