Finding the Feel-Good Amongst the 2020 Storm

How do you describe 2020? Unprecedented? Challenging? The year the world went pear shaped? (Alternatively, you may just not want to answer that!)

Despite the difficult times, there’s been a surprising amount of good and uplifting moments that have emerged from the 2020 storm. Every year around Christmas, we give a nod to the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ with our own ‘12 Rugged Days of Christmas’. This is usually where we focus on anything from our favourite 12 installations of the year, to the 12 most impressive ways of using Rugged kit.

However, this year hasn’t been like other years, so instead, we picked 12 of our favourite feel-good moments from 2020. We hope they bring you some festive cheer!

  1. Captain Tom Moore’s Extraordinary Walk for Charity

The former British Army officer set himself the challenge of walking laps of his garden to raise money for NHS Charities. His goal – to raise £1000 before his 100th birthday. His rolling total – over £32 million. He holds Just Giving’s greatest charity total and has captured the hearts of a nation.

  1. We listened and we learnt

Worldwide lockdowns gave us all more time to try something new, learn and listen to the world around us. The big hitters included the baking of banana bread and learning a new language. Looking for some ideas for things to get your teeth into:

  1. Singing from the rooftops

Italians found a way to spread joy in a period of anxiety by singing from rooftops and balconies. The streets were filled with cheer as neighbourhoods came together to brighten the long days at home.

  1. Freedom Gaming Product Launch

This year, we went BIG. After months in the making, we revealed our greatest product yet*, Freedom Gaming – the ultimate team arena challenge. The first installation is up and running in Germany, just in time for Christmas. *you can of course decide this for yourself

  1. We got up and active

With no or limited commutes and more ‘free time’ during lockdown, the world got more active. The rise of home workouts was driven by Instagram live videos, and in many countries, cycling took off. With the UK seeing a 200% increase!

  1. Love for thy neighbour

We are probably never more aware of our neighbours than now. A lot of people are checking in on their neighbours, to see if they need any supplies or popping by just to check if they’re doing okay. Long may the willingness to lend a hand continue.

  1. PE with Joe Wicks

PT Joe Wicks grabbed the hearts and homes of a nation when he launched ‘PE with Joe’ during lockdown. At 9am Monday – Friday, when schools were forced to close, kids of all aged tuned in with their families to start the day with a bang (or burpee). Millions of families from all around the world took part in something rather unique and special. Want to give one a go?

  1. Clap for Key Workers

At 8pm on Thursday evening, for 12-weeks in the UK, every household stood at their windows and doors and clapped for key workers. It was an amazingly unifying experience to witness in neighbourhoods up and down the country. We all stopped, stood and clapped to show our appreciation for those working through the pandemic when the rest of the world had come to a standstill.

  1. Drive-in cinema

We’ve all seen them on the movies, but how many of us have actually been to a drive-in cinema? Well, they’re back with a bang – the perfect socially-distanced way of watching a movie during a pandemic. Give them a go, there’s something pretty special about it.

  1. Wood you be-leaf it

With limited activities, many of us discovered a new love of nature this year. Website ‘TreeTalk’ had a fiftyfold increase in visitors.

  1. Marcus Rashford’s Campaign for Free School Meals

England and Manchester United football player Marcus Rashford has been hailed a hero after causing a government U-turn on offering free school meals to disadvantaged children in 2020. The 23-year old has promised to “fight for the rest of [his] life” to end child hunger in the UK. Whatever football team you support, there’s no denying what Rashford has done has been lifechanging for millions!

  1. The New Rugged Website

It’s been over a year in the making, but our new website is finally finished and launched. Split into our 5 key sectors, there’s something for everyone here. Have a browse when the in-laws get too much! Check it out:


This year has been challenging for everyone, and it can be easy to dwell on the sad and difficult times. However, when we look back at our 12 feel-good stories from 2020, it’s safe to say there’s been gold-dust among the storm. What’s more, most of these moments wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for a global pandemic – so that’s our silver lining to take into next year.


by Lucy Manley

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