Half-term – a recipe for success

Half-term; the week that feels like a month for adults and a day for kids kicks off today. But here at Rugged, we think we’ve got just the recipe to ensure the kids are up, out and enjoying themselves… rather than becoming square-eyed from being stuck to screens.

The ingredients:

  • A hefty dose of motivation

  • A side portion of challenge

  • And a bucket load of fun

Half-term is the perfect time to get kids trying something new or practicing something they usually don’t have time for. Learning a new skill gives kids a real sense of achievement, so whether it’s a short-term or long-term goal, help them set one and stick to it.  Save the TV, phones and tablets for down-time and suggest activities that get you all out the house.

Our method goes a little something like this:

Treasure Hunt – find a few small items for treasure, draw out a simple map (or add to an existing one), set a time limit and make sure there’s a top prize. Get the kids to search in pairs or small groups and make it competitive; outdoors is best, the longer the route the better (accompany where necessary – join in the fun)! And why not throw in some goodies at the half-way point. When there are prizes on offer, it’s amazing how focussed they can be. There are some woodland scavenger hunts here to start you off: 


Trampoline Park / Indoor Adventure Centre – there are now around 200 trampoline parks in the UK. So, whether you’re in Bristol or Birmingham, Essex or Edinburgh, there is sure to be one just around the corner. A great choice for an inevitable rainy day. Challenge the kids to try every activity the park has to offer, they’ll be amazed at what they can achieve. 

Been there before? Get creative, set them new challenges such as – the first one to bounce on every trampoline. Or a prize that builds for every 100 bounces. Set them a target to beat their previous obstacle course time, or see who can reach the highest point on the climbing wall. Any and every challenge is good. Plus, the best thing about trampoline parks is that the kids are being active without even realising it!

Bike Ride – map out a route together and pick an end destination (even if it’s just lunch). Check the weather and pick a day where the elements aren’t against you. Plan for plenty of (snack) stops and make sure the route is challenging yet achievable. Try We Are Cycling UK for tips and tricks: https://www.cyclinguk.org/

Get Inspired – there isn’t a better time to try something new. Visit BBC Sport’s ‘Get Inspired’ and use the Activity Finder tab to see what’s out there. Archery, climbing, judo or surfing – they could find their hidden talent.

Champion Charity - with time off from hectic school days, half-term can be a good chance to give something back. Whether it’s helping out at a local sports club, or doing a sponsored walk/ bike ride, charity or volunteering could be just the motivation they need.

There’s plenty of help out there, so mix things up, search for something new and create an activity planner – it will be full before you know it!

by Lucy Manley

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