How Are You Using Your Time Differently? [CoronaPod Ep 1]

During Covid-lockdown, we’ve had the fantastic opportunity to catch up with park builders, operators and suppliers from around the industry. For some, the way we are working had changed dramatically, and for others, it has been a chance to re-focus, evolve and adapt. 

Our insight series CoronaPod: Ask the Industry, takes a deeper look into how Covid-19 has changed the way we work, and how we can all plan for the big ‘bounce back’. 

Listen to our first podcast in the series ‘Covid-19: How are you using your time differently?’ below:

Tim Cowley, Fired Up Technologies

Keeping in touch with customers and focussing more free time on product development. 

Jelmer Brouwer, Sidijk

Continuing production for the agricultural industry, and for the leisure industry – using this time to focus on marketing.

Rob Christie, Airparx / Airquee

Researching and planning the launch of new products. Increasing the manufacturing of stock ready for when the industry picks up. 

Sue Wilson, Best American Trampolines

Catching up with clients, moving forward projects and planning for the future.

Ben Cheriton, iBounce

Personally - a time to reflect and set goals. As a business - time to update business plans and understand the support out there. 

Our greatest thanks go to this episode’s contributors:

Tim Cowley – Sales – Fired Up Technologies specialises in the design, supply, and installation of high quality audio visual systems. They provide full sound and lighting package for entertainment venues, including Play Gyms, Theme Parks, Bowling Alleys and Trampoline Parks.

Jelmer Brouwer - International Sales - Sidijk designs and produces air and foam filled products for the leisure, sport and agricultural industry. Specialising in indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks and ninja obstacle courses.

Rob Christie - UK Group Commercial Director - Airquee/Airparx is Europe's largest manufacturer of inflatable play & technical products. A leader in Inflatable play and leisure equipment such as bouncy castles, inflatable slides, multi play inflatables and obstacle courses.

Sue Wilson - Director of Sales - Best American Trampolines have designed, manufactured, and equipped over 200 trampoline parks worldwide. They have lead the movement of the trampoline park industry by providing innovative attractions that challenge the norm of the industry. 

Ben Cheriton - Managing Director - iBounce Trampoline Park and iPlay SoftPlay have Trampoline parks in Devon and Cornwall. Since opening Trampoline Parks, the brand has branched out to Soft Plays, VR Studios and Fitness classes.

The following podcasts in the series will be posted on our LinkedIn page and on a new blog thread.

by Claudia Stobbart

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