Investing in the Future

Think back to P.E. lessons at school - only the fortunate few will be revisited by happy memories. An excellent backhand, impressive cross-country times, ability to shoot hoops with your eyes closed and always picked first for the sport’s team - unfortunately not the case for us mere mortals. If staring at a blank wall in detention was 100% more appealing than running 800m, you were probably an expert in writing sick notes and capable of illness-fakery to the highest standard… *cough cough*.

As leaders in motivational fitness technology, we’re on a mission. It’s no secret that physical activity is linked to our well-being, and especially benefits children’s continuous physical and emotional development. With a growing number becoming obese as young as four or five years old, the Government’s ban on junk food advertising during children’s programmes is just a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Studies show that physical activity contributes to improved academic performance, higher concentration levels, more composed behaviour, a positive sense of identity, healthy social interactions, better sleep, boosted confidence, a strong immune system, improved memory consolidation… we could go on. And on!

At the core of everything we do, is helping everyone stay fit and healthy in an engaging way, motivating all ages groups to keep their mind and body active. We’re very proud of our ongoing collaboration with local primary schools in a bid to inspire young children to connect with fitness because it’s exciting, competitive, challenging but most of all… fun.

Our most recent partnership is with Blackwater Primary School, currently enjoying two Rugged Interactive CardioWalls and already seeing the benefits ripple throughout the school. In the words of Head Teacher; Chris Wilson, “I have seen them used in other schools and I thought what a fantastic opportunity for our children to really improve gross motor skills, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and I can see huge links to phonics, timetables, spellings - I can see the children having huge amounts of fun and improving and building team work.”

Through use of our innovative fitness equipment, children are experiencing exercise in an entirely new way. A total mind and body workout; the touch light pods, electronics and various game programs allow children to enjoy a sense of achievement and improvement very quickly. It’s impossible not to be inspired by a room of young people so compelled to take part, compete against their friends, determined to see their scores improve and motivated to practice.


We’re doing all we can to support exercise participation within schools - we strongly believe that children who learn the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, have the building blocks upon which they can develop to become active, knowledgable and informed adults. Our work with schools continues long after delivery, with regular visits to gather feedback from the children and teachers to continually improve what we do here at Rugged Interactive.

Staying fit and healthy is enjoyable, competitive and exciting - and we’re leading the conversation towards exercise which is all of these things and so much more. Every professional athlete starts somewhere and who knows, we could be igniting a spark that motivates the next Mo Farah, Laura Kenny or Helen Glover!

‘Pass the truth to the next generation. Teach them early what we learn late.’



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