Park Re-opening? Here’s 3 Top Tips for Making it Memorable

Indoor adventure parks, after months of closure, are now beginning to open up in countries across the globe. 

Of course there are strict guidelines to follow about distancing and cleanliness, but many parks will wonder: can we even attract enough customers to fill at reduced capacity?

In my view – and speaking as a former operator myself – it will be vital that you make a BIG impact on returning guests in your first few weeks:  This will not be business as usual. This is your time to shine.  

So, here are my three top tips for smashing your re-opening

1. Be Safe, Clean and Proud of it. 

Be visible and vocal about your new procedures surrounding social distancing and hygiene. And do it proudly (because it’s for their safety), with a big smile.

2. Pack it with Fun.

Consider in-park initiatives, boosted with social media, to create an exciting and memorable visit. You’re looking for “wow, this is even more fun than I remember!”  The more fun they have with you, the more likely they are to tell their friends, return again and shout about it on social media.

Think competitions, challenges and prizes – all run well on Instagram, Facebook etc.  In fact, all of our interactive features are perfect for challenges like this, but you can easily create others too.

3. “Welcome Back!”

For your guests’ first return visit, your staff will be critical. If your team are super-friendly, upbeat and focussed on ensuring that your guests are having fun, this will make a real difference.  “People love people” so your team must engage, like friends – and if they do, your guests are far more likely to tell their friends – and come back. 

I’m quite sure that many of your customers will be thrilled to be able to play ‘like normal’ again.  And with those three steps, you can blow their socks off – and they won’t forget it.

Team Rugged wishes you the very best of luck for your reopening – we’re rooting for you!

by Harry Stevens

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