Rounding Up 2018, With a Little Help From You…

In the year that South Korea hosted the Winter Olympics, the Royal Wedding brought bakes and bunting to the streets of Britain and England finally won a penalty shootout, we’d love you to help complete some of our highlights of 2018.

Just make your selections below…

Global boxing superstar and all-round nice guy switched-up his training, becoming the proud owner of our CardioWall Pro-X. Installed at the EIS in Sheffield, the Pro-X is being used for speed, reaction and peripheral vision training. Latest software updates have allow AJ to tailor the Pro-X to his specific needs – Deontay Wilder better watch out. This guy is quick.

Early evidence from The Hoffman Institute in Madrid, suggests that the CardioWall can help reverse and delay the onset of dementia. Interestingly, with its focus on mental, physical and psychological stimulation, the CardioWall has also helped to improve self-esteem, personal relationships, attention and agility in patients.

Coupled with research at the Brain Injury Trust in Glasgow, the CardioWall appears to be one to watch in the health sector for 2019.

Our designers and technical team have been busy behind the scenes creating new products for the indoor adventure market. Releasing January 2019, WallRider will become the first interactive target game for Walk-the-Wall installations and is sure to take parks and their guests to new heights.

Based on our key principles of competition, fun and challenge, WallRider was developed on the back of our trampoline park survey. Our findings are outlined in the Industry Insight Report

A new Business Development Manager (Daniel) and two Sales and Marketing Administrators to the Bristol office (Bella and Will) saw Team Rugged outgrow its Fowey nest. Sticking to our Cornish roots, Bodmin has so far been the perfect fit, with better transport links and a custom-made workshop for the production, design and technical team. So, if you’re in Bodmin or Bristol in the New Year please pop in for a cuppa and come say hi!

Time For ‘Feet Up’?

This year we’ve shipped Rugged kit as far as Abu Dhabi and Ecuador, and across the waters to Europe, the US and Canada. So, whether you’re looking for a gym, indoor adventure park or leisure centre, there should be a Rugged Interactive challenge just around the corner!

We have big plans for 2019, with two new products set to drop in January and release of a school-specific outdoor CardioWall later in the Spring. Research will continue into how the CardioWall can improve the quality of life of patients and users with a range of physical and psychological health problems. And as for AJ – we’ll be tracking his progress in the ring and out.

We’d love to catch up on the phone, email or at one of the exhibitions we’ll be at next year:

  • IATP Berlin


  • Elevate Arena, London

  • Family Attraction Expo, Birmingham

  • IAAPA, Orlando

So, however you remember 2018, we hope that 2019 brings you health and happiness, and that you continue to be a part of our Rugged journey.

Answers: Anthony Joshua, Dementia, Wall, Faces and HQ

Scores: All 4 points = Elite, 2-3 points = Improver, 0-1 points = Amateur

by Lucy Manley & Bella Ghaidan

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