The 5 Key Elements of Great Trampoline Park Design

If you are designing a new trampoline park or indoor adventure centre, or looking to add some new fizz to an existing one, how should you go about choosing which features or attractions to include?

Going through your mind first will be a few crucial questions:

  1. What can I do to attract new customers?

  2. How can I encourage those customers to return frequently? (because it’s not just about getting them to visit once – success depends upon repeat visits)

  3. How do I make my centre stand out from the competition? (as there inevitably is, or soon will be, intense competition)

  4. And once I’m up and running, what should I do to communicate most effectively with my target audience?

And therefore, what are the best trampoline park attractions to help you achieve these objectives?

As a company whose products now feature in well over 50% of all the UK’s trampoline parks, as well as in many other parks across Europe, North America, China, the Middle East and Asia, our dialogue with our customers puts us in a privileged position.

We hear what operators are looking for, we see what they are buying (and not buying), we have a helicopter view of the way these indoor adventure centres are evolving – and we have the ability to hear the individual parks’ insight into what is already working best for them, and what has disappointed.


Market Survey

A few months back, we decided to take this insight one stage further – by surveying an extended group of park operators, and collating all of their feedback into one report.  Furthermore, by focussing on the UK trampoline park market, which is already largely saturated and therefore is highly competitive, we know that this insight is very relevant to any indoor leisure park operating in a challenging environment.

The Findings

As we collated and absorbed the survey results, it became clear that what we had in our hands was a sort of blueprint – a digest of the success factors that characterise the best parks, and the most popular features and attractions in those trampoline parks.

These success factors naturally crystallise into five clear principles for designing (or re-designing), operating and marketing a successful indoor adventure business.  We have called them “The 5 Key Elements of Great Trampoline Park Design”.

These elements are principles that we ourselves will use when developing new interactive features for trampoline parks and family indoor adventure, but which we also want to share with park operators to help them in their very important investment decisions.

To find out more, and to help you make the crucial design decisions for your next indoor family adventure or trampoline park, you can read the full report here.


by Harry Stevens

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