The Rugged Podcast - Ep 1: A Catch-up with Dr Phil Heaton

For the first episode of The Rugged Podcast, we sent Robin (our Sales Manager) to meet up with Orthopaedic Surgeon and CardioWall fanatic, Dr Phil Heaton at his home in Lincoln. Dr Heaton was one of Rugged's first CardioWall customers, and over the years has hours using, analysing and enjoying the CardioWall with his family and patients.

Robin picked Phil's brains on the importance of lifelong exercise, what Phil does to keep active, and asked for his thoughts on how the CardioWall can be used by everyone, from elite athletes to older adults. Phil has a wealth of knowledge in this area, so it was great to hear this thoughts.

Take a listen by watching the video below, or by searching for 'The Rugged Podcast' on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Music.

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