Wall-walking (or bouncing on your back and climbing up the wall) is a very exciting and visually dramatic form of trampoline exercise - It’s also quite hard to learn and completely exhausting!

I’d always been a fan, or at least a non-participating one, but it was clear to me that some people reached a skills plateau and stopped participating, whereas others were looking for another challenge after they’d mastered the basics.

Our gamification technology can add excitement and encourage progression within any given environment so I’d been mulling whether a new sensor design we’d created could be applied to this environment.

So off we went to a local trampoline park with some sheets of paper and tape to scope out on a real wall how big the sensors would have to be and where they’d have to fit.

After an evening of experimentation we had our answer.

The result is WallRider - the newest member of our Active Fun product range.

Using 8 flush mounted sensors and a display hub housing all the electronics and sound effects, WallRider comes with 3 games and encourages beginners to bounce higher, and experts to play harder and faster.

We’ve designed it to be easy to newly install but also to retro-fit to existing walls - and the results from our first install have really pleased me - with both experts and beginners really enjoying the game.

As importantly the owners and park staff have also found WallRider has improved usage of their wall walking area and enabled them to lead a social media discussion.

Early days - but I’m marking WallRider as a success!

by Simon Heap

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