Why We’ll be a Sporting Nation this Bank Holiday

Nation’s Biggest Sports Day

Put down the BBQ tongs, everyone’s getting active this Bank Holiday weekend!

We’re nearing the end of August, the heatwave that once seemed like it was never going to end has been overtaken by thunderstorms and torrential rain, the pub owner simply wishes for a quiet shift and we don’t think we can stomach another sunny day BBQ.

So, what else could we possibly do on an August Bank Holiday weekend?

The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day

Luckily for you, the super popular campaign from ‘I Am Team GB’ makes a return this weekend with ‘The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day,’ taking place on August 24th. With support from British Olympic athletes such as Laura Kenny, Team GB and Toyota have teamed up to give communities the opportunity to get involved in fun and free physical activities.

The aim of the day is to inspire those who aren’t typically active, but want to switch up their lifestyle or, for those wanting to rediscover a sport they once loved during school. It’s all about putting the fun back into fitness and stop it from being a chore - which is what Rugged Interactive is all about. The more fun you can have whilst being active, the better… A recent survey by Sport England found that enjoyment is the single biggest factor for motivating a child to be active, so it’s the perfect day to get all the family involved.

The event connects the nation’s communities and is accessible for anyone, no matter your age or ability. With hundreds of activities being hosted by volunteers across the country there is something for everyone. Events vary from a friendly football match at your local pitch, bike rides, taekwondo and bowls. If there is a sport you’ve been wanting to try but have been unsure about, this is the perfect time to give it a go!

Why you should get involved

With studies proving that 30 minutes of physical activity daily halves our risk of major illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, how can you not want to get involved this weekend!

Still need convincing? Regular exercise has also shown to extremely beneficial for a very important organ: our brain. Staying active reduces our stress and anxiety levels and generally boosts our mood. Additionally, these benefits carry over into later in life by helping to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease - so there are lifelong benefits too…

Click the link to find out what events are being hosted in your local area. It’s sure to be ‘The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day’, so don’t miss out on the opportunities on offer: https://buff.ly/2KBerYH

Nation's biggest sports day

by Claudia Stobbart

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