Getting Out There – Rugged’s 2021 Round Up

If we had to describe 2021 in two words, we’d call it a ‘roller coaster’. From COP26 to Tokyo 2020 (which was actually held in 2021), this year had it all. It’s been far from plain sailing for most of us, but there’s still been plenty to celebrate.

So, we’d like to share a few of our special moments of the year that you helped make happen.

Finally! We Saw You Face-to-Face

2D is so 2020. This year, we finally got to get out and about to site visits and trade shows and see so many of you in person. Thank you to everyone that visited us at IAAPA Europe and USA, the ABC Climbing Conference and the Family Attraction Expo. Discussing exciting projects with partners, meeting new and existing customers and seeing our industry thrive has been fantastic.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the attractions we had on offer at these shows: 

Freedom Gaming in the Spotlight

Combine treasure hunts with coloured sensors, leaderboards and teamwork and you’ve got yourself a pretty good visual picture of Freedom Gaming. Our interactive arena challenge has been installed in several parks in Europe and the UK now and rapidly seems to be becoming the talk of the town.

Tom Filler, Owner of Space Adventurers in Taunton said it’s “transformed the whole structure and added a new dynamic and value perception to the play centre”.

You Purchase, We Plant

This year we launched a Plant-A-Tree tree initiative, where for every product purchased, we plant a certain number of trees in the ground with Plant One. We want you to feel good about buying from Rugged, so this is one of the things we’re doing to fully offset our carbon footprint and be kinder to our environment.

Now Here's How to do School Sport...

This year, our school distribution partner Anomaly Group have installed over 150 Activalls into schools around the UK. Their expert team deliver training and support to ensure pupils and staff get the best out of their equipment. We’re extremely proud of the work they do and their commitment to ensuring every child, irrespective of age and ability, has access to enjoyable exercise.

2022 is All About You

We won’t pretend that 2022 is going to be a breeze, there will be hurdles ahead. However, we want you to know that we’re here for you every step of the way. Our team can advise and support your upcoming projects and brainstorm ideas for how to transform your space with gamification. Please email to get in touch with the Rugged team.

Thank you to everyone who has made our 2021 that little bit brighter. We’ll be at exhibitions all around the world again next year, so don’t be a stranger, come and say “Hi”, as we’ve missed you!

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